The firearm and ammunition shortage

With the re-election of President Obama the surge in the sale of firearms and ammunition has hit unprecedented levels which has caused prices to skyrocket and shortages to occur. Many folks are buying weapons fearing the implementation of a new ban. Some of these people have never handled a gun before let alone owned one.

If you have been properly preparing for some time you have not had to worry about these shortages, however if you are newer to prepping please don’t jump on the “I have to buy it now” bandwagon. Yes there are shortages going on all over the country but that will change. I personally feel that it will be difficult for the administration to enact a meaningful weapons ban. This means that the prices will come back down to more realistic levels.

To me it is far more important to have food, water, fuel, medical supplies, etc. Now I am sure that someone reading this will think “how will I protect it if I don’t have a gun?”. Truth is the best defense against theft or a raid is keeping what you have your own business. Don’t discuss what you have, make sure your family doesn’t discuss it with others. It is NO ONE else’s business what you have.

Once prices and supply levels stabilize then go out and purchase the gun items you are wanted. Remember to kept the weapon stored safely and securely, practice with it and know how to safely tear it down and reassemble it. Owning a firearm is not a magic cure all for trouble. There are legal, financial, moral and ethical considerations with owning a firearm. Know what these are before you purchase a weapon.

Do I feel that firearms have a role in preparedness? I absolutely do but like all aspects of the lifestyle it has a proper place.



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